March 4, 2024

Plate move | basic metal fundamental support is still pulling on a colored metal plate

Zh Tong Finance App was informed that September 13th, the fundamental support of basic metals is still influenced, and the A-shaped non-ferrous metal plate continues to rise, as of paper, Tongling has colored ( daily limit; Yun aluminum shares (, Guangzheng color (, Yunnan copper (000878.SZ), China Aluminum Industry (, Huafeng Aluminum (, Zijin Mining (,Sundays such as Xinjiang Zhonghe (600888.SH) rose.

Zhongtai Securities Research Refiguration: Basic Sheet Metal Stamping Metals, Epidemic Shock Under Demolition Match + Bao Fluidity + Overseas Reserve is a three-driving carriage of this round of rising rising, and has entered the economic moderate temperature during the country.Economic employment recovery slowly superimpose the epidemic once again warming, TAPER expects cooling, liquidity or still maintaining loose, and the domestic peak season has gradually launched, and the supply terminal shrinks under the influence of superimposed policies, the basic metal fundamental support is still there.New energy upstream raw material lithium cobalt rare earth copper foil aluminum foil magnetic material, etc., \”supply + demand + stock\” three-cycle resonance provides a layout window, and the medium and long-term three-year boom has a large direction.